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Tanshui Estuary, Taiwan

Main Contributors:

Johanna Yletyinen

Other Contributors:


Six million people live in the catchment area of the Tanshui River system. The Tanshui Estuary is heavily polluted since it receives untreated domestic discharge and both treated and untreated industrial effluent from its tributaries. Untreated domestic sewage and industrial waste contribute to hypoxia in the upper estuary.

Type of regime shift

Ecosystem type

  • Marine & coastal
  • Freshwater lakes & rivers

Land uses

  • Fisheries

Spatial scale of the case study

  • Local/landscape (e.g. lake, catchment, community)

Continent or Ocean

  • Asia


  • East Asia


  • China, Republic of (Taiwan)

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Key References

  1. Fang T-H, Lin C-L. 2002. Dissolved and particulate trace metals and their partitioning hypoxic estuary: The Tanshui Estuary in northern Taiwan. Estuaries 25, 598-607.


Johanna Yletyinen. Tanshui Estuary, Taiwan. In: Regime Shifts Database, Last revised 2012-03-17 19:00:03 GMT.
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