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Fosu Lagoon, Ghana

Main Contributors:

Johanna Yletyinen

Other Contributors:


Hypoxia recorded in the 1990s.

Type of regime shift

Ecosystem type

  • Marine & coastal
  • Freshwater lakes & rivers

Land uses

  • Fisheries

Spatial scale of the case study

  • Local/landscape (e.g. lake, catchment, community)

Continent or Ocean

  • Africa


  • West Africa


  • Ghana

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Key References

  1. Blay J Jr., Dongdem F. 1996. Preliminary observations on the benthic macrofauna of a polluted coastal lagoon in Ghana (West Africa). Tropical Ecology. 37, 127-133.


Johanna Yletyinen. Fosu Lagoon, Ghana. In: Regime Shifts Database, Last revised 2012-03-17 18:46:20 GMT.
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