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Chemu Lagoon, Ghana

Main Contributors:

Johanna Yletyinen

Other Contributors:


Hypoxia was first recorded in the 1980s. It has caused mass mortality of benthos. Domestic waste and industrial waste from coastal population havebeen discharged into the lagoon.

Type of regime shift

Ecosystem type

  • Marine & coastal

Land uses

  • Fisheries

Spatial scale of the case study

  • Local/landscape (e.g. lake, catchment, community)

Continent or Ocean

  • Africa


  • West Africa


  • Ghana

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Key References

  1. Ukwe CN, Ibe CA, Nwilo PC, Huidobro PA. 2006. Contributing to the WSSD targets on oceans and coasts in West and Central Africa: The Guinea Current Large Marine Ecosystem Project IJOO 1, 21-44.


Johanna Yletyinen. Chemu Lagoon, Ghana. In: Regime Shifts Database, Last revised 2012-03-17 18:46:25 GMT.
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